Community Guidelines

1. Overview.

1.1 These Community Guidelines (“Guidelines”) govern your access and use of (the “Site”) and all other products, services, features, content or applications offered by J L Stream Private Limited (JL, “we”, “our” or “us”).


1.2 JL is committed to maintaining a fun, healthy, and safe community for all users and has developed a set of Guidelines for this purpose. In the event that a violation of any of the Guidelines listed below is discovered, JL will impose penalties based on the severity of the violation.


1.3 The content referred to in the Guidelines includes any content that can be seen, heard, and/or referenced, any text or image posted in the comment area, and any information posted or contained in a JL personal profile.


1.4 JL users are expected to take these rules seriously and understand and respect the spirit behind these rules, to jointly create a friendly and safe Service with JL together.

2. General Rules.

2.1 JL users must comply with the following regulations. Failure to do so is subject to penalties. The severity of the violation is determined by JL's official, overall assessment based on objective factors such as content, intent, time, and the offending party.


2.2 JL employs a group of human moderators around the globe, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. The group of moderators works both proactively and responsively, reacting to user reports. Users found to be in violation of the Guidelines, are liable to prompt suspension or restriction from the Services; within a 24 hour window. In addition, further scrutiny and escalation to law enforcement agencies will ensue in order to aid criminal and wellbeing related examinations to the furthest reaches of the law, without damaging user privacy.


2.3 When streaming, streamers are obligated to ensure the stream environment is fun and enjoyable. They are responsible for all content while streaming, including viewers joining the stream, and channel information on all channels. In case of any violation, JL will officially penalize both the violator and the streamer based on the circumstances.


2.4 JL only provides live streaming services and disavows any connection with the commercial activities of other platforms.


2.5 JL reserves the right for the final decision and interpretation of auditing and handling any illegal content or behavior.


2.6 JL reserves the right to report misuse of inappropriate content to relevant law enforcement agencies.

3. How J L is protecting its Community.

3.1 No Nudity or Sexual Content.

3.1.1 JL Expressly forbids our streamers from engaging in, or broadcasting any sexual Content.

3.1.2 Sexually suggestive behaviors and content or activities with sexual innuendos are not permitted.


3.1.3 Although we make exceptions for content with educational value, or certain additional content that has been pre-approved, in either case, streams must comply with Service restrictions.


3.1.4 The following, is a list of violations, but it is not exhaustive: Display or see through clothing of sensitive body parts in various ways, including: The lens is deliberately focused on sensitive body parts. Engaging in sexually suggestive caressing, stripping, etc. Use of sex toys (or other items resembling sex toys) as show props. Other sexually suggestive behavior. Vulgar, exposed, or obviously sexually suggestive clothing or makeup, including: Shirtless males. Women dressed revealingly, or baring their breasts, buttocks, undergarments, or other sensitive areas. Wearing skimpy, erotic, or see-through uniforms, lingerie, or other clothing. Sexually suggestive or seductive activities, including gestures, postures, and dance movements with sexual intent, and/or generally sexual behavior. Frequently sticking the tongue out at the camera, and more than half of the screen displaying the streamer's tongue. Streaming any type of sexual behavior, teasing, or sexual humiliation. Streaming violations of others' privacy, such as wardrobe malfunctions, hidden cameras, and bared skin. Streaming sexual services, sexual abuse, or harmful information. Streaming erotic games or anime. Streaming obscene or vulgar websites. Streaming of indecent or sexually flirtatious images, remarks, songs, texts, videos, audio, etc. Providing sexual services, including prostitution, escorts, erotic massage and/or filming of sexually explicit acts.

3.2 Safety of Children / Minors.

3.2.1 JL prohibits use of its Services by underage users. Underage users are those who are under a legal age of 18.

3.2.2 Please report unauthorized use of this Service by underage users.


3.2.3 JL strictly examines the use by underage users and will permanently close any account discovered to be used by an underage user.

3.3 No Bullying and Harassment.

3.3.1 Regardless of whether the target is on JL, we prohibit the use of JL for any form of bullying, harassment and hate speech. We do not allow individuals, communities or organizations that engage in such behavior to use our Services. The violations are including but not limited to the following: Discriminatory or humiliating remarks based on: race or ethnic origin, religion or faith, disability, gender, age, nationality, appearance or physical attributes, or sexual orientation/gender identity. Displaying altered images of an individual meant to degrade that individual, or sharing photos or videos of physical bullying of a person for the purpose of shaming the victim. Sharing/displaying personal info of an individual for the purpose of blackmail or harassment. Profanity and/or vulgarity of any kind. Sending offensive content via barrage, private messages, or comments to other users, such as pornographic pictures/texts or threats. Urging others to violate these Community Guidelines.

3.4 No Risky or Dangerous Content.

3.4.1 Content connected with the use, mention or display of illicit drugs and/or drug paraphernalia is strictly prohibited.


3.4.2 Content highlighting tobacco and/or alcohol consumption by users is also prohibited on JL. Use good judgment, as we reserve the right to penalize the user and work with law enforcement when we believe there is a legitimate risk of physical harm or direct threat to public safety, including but not limited to the following: Displaying samples of drugs, performing with or streaming of eating, snorting, or injecting drugs, explaining how to make drugs, and all other drug-related content. Smoking or consuming alcohol while streaming. Gambling or any activity related to gambling. Drug descriptions for promotional, or sales purposes. Promotions or recommendations of the use of harmful drugs or therapy, or promotion of cures to the diseases that are scientifically proven incurable.

3.5 No Frightening or Violent Content.

3.5.1 JL has zero tolerance for attempts or threats to harm or kill others. You are ultimately responsible for your own physical and psychological health and well-being, but as a community, we must be respectful of others who may be disturbed or offended by your content or message.


3.5.2 Therefore, we strictly prohibit the following behaviors, including but not limited to: Advocate or encourage suicide and self-injury. Promote or encourage physical violence, sensational or shocking acts that tend to cause harm or discomfort towards yourself, others, children or animals. Dangerous or distracted driving. Please do not drive and stream. Extreme or unreasonably bloody or violent content. Content that promotes, praises or facilitates violent crime organizations. Giving performances that threaten the life or health of others or use firearms or cutting tools, such as: knives, blades, guns or other firearms. Endangering others' personal safety, such as battering or threatening others. Performances that endanger the participants, such as self-mutilation or suicide. Performances detrimental to animal welfare, such as the abuse of animals. Other life- or health-threatening performances. Content that incites illegal gatherings, assemblies, parades, demonstrations, or crowds to disrupt the social order.

3.6 No Private Content.

3.6.1 JL respects the privacy of others, and we work hard to ensure that the information you share with us is secure.


3.6.2 Determination of unauthorized private content will be conducted on a case-by-case basis by JL at our sole discretion.


3.6.3 Please apply good judgement and refrain from the use of content which invades another person’s privacy or which divulges their private or confidential information.


3.6.4 Examples of private information may include, but is not limited to the following: Personal addresses or locations that are considered or treated private, and/or non-public. personal phone numbers and email addresses. Social security or other national identity numbers or credit card information. Intimate videos or photos taken or distributed without the subject’s consent. Videos or images that are considered private under applicable laws.


3.6.5 Impersonating other users/brands/celebrities.

3.7 No Hate Speech Content.

3.7.1 JL does not allow publishing hate speech on its Services and has always attached importance to the hate speech community guidelines, with effective rules in place. JL will remove any content that advocates violence or hatred against an individual or a group based on any of the following properties.


3.7.2 Discriminatory or insulting remarks based on race, ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, gender, age, nationality, appearance or physical characteristics, or sexual orientation, hate speech and/or symbols such as Nazi Insignas, flag of the Confederate States of America, and Ku Klux Klan.

3.8 No Blackmail, Extortion and Fraud.

3.8.1 JL has a zero-tolerance policy towards violations of Guidelines related to fraud, blackmail, and/or extortion, and other criminal behavior, including but not limited to financial scams, theft, or committing or promoting any type of crime during a live stream.


3.8.2 If a user is found to have employed the above tactics for their own financial benefit, JL will issue a penalty based on the severity of the violation.


3.8.3 Following is list of such violations, but is not exhaustive: Promoting cash, gifts, or other multi-level marketing activities. Making threats to obtain money or gifts from the viewers. Tricking people into transferring money to your bank account. Methods of copying others' bank card numbers, passwords or other information by illegal means to extract cash for their own use. Assisting in unauthorized charges to users and cashing out. Impersonating an official, including but not limited to official operators, JL safety officers, resellers, etc. Violating other community rules, including not paying monies owed or selling accounts without official permission. False information and misleading content are prohibited. Such information and content includes false account information, false news or conspiracy theories, and false or misleading content.

3.9 No Spamming.

3.9.1 Please do not use misleading or incorrect information, and please avoid the following behaviors, including but not limited to: Deliberately collecting likes, tracking Numbers, free virtual currency, or contacting other users for commercial purposes without consent. Advertise any product or service, whether it is legal or illegal, through live content or any user information fields, etc. Publish or distribute unauthorized ads, duplicate messages, or user reports. Phishing. Spreading malware or viruses. Selling or sharing user accounts. Reselling JL services or features.

4. Reporting Abuse, Grievances and Complaints.

4.1 JL provides two channels for discovery of violations, namely the proactive detection by the Services, and reporting by users. 


4.2 JL has the right to take measures on the accounts discovered to be involved in a violation and restrict the Service functions available to the accounts in accordance with the rules. Such measures include login and registration prohibition, account suspension, access restrictions for functions such as cash withdrawal, confiscation of virtual items held by the accounts, etc.


4.3 In order to ensure a fair, healthy, and orderly community environment, JL manages community users' behavior in accordance with certain standards. The following is a non-exhaustive list of violations:


4.3.1 A single user using too many accounts or devices may increase their own risk index. JL has the right to suspend or take other measures on the sockpuppet accounts that it deems highly risky.


4.3.2 Users shall not exploit abnormal means to join in activities such as registration, login, recharging, following, etc. JL will take actions with the utmost seriousness on any accounts involved in such violations and the illegal gains therefrom.


4.3.3 JL strictly prohibits rule-breaking transactions that are made possible through non-normal channels. Such transactions include, but are not limited to, buying and selling virtual currencies or followers against the rules, and joining in activities against the rules. JL has the right to take actions on any rule-breaking accounts discovered to be involved in such violations and the illegal gains therefrom.


4.3.4 Credit card frauds, money laundering, and malicious refunds are considered serious financial violations. JL has the right to immediately freeze any accounts discovered to be involved in such violations and the illegal gains therefrom, and will take corresponding measures with the utmost seriousness.


4.3.5 Users have the obligation to protect their privacy information, including but not limited to, account passwords, and credit card numbers. In the event of a stolen user personal account or a credit card fraud, JL will assist the user in the investigation at the expense of the user for related fees and property losses.


4.4 JL is a community, we rely heavily on all of your support and we welcome you to report any content or activity that you believe may be in violation of our Guidelines at We take your reports very seriously, and in most cases, will ask you for information, please cooperate and tell us why you think that the content you are reporting should be removed (e.g., whether the content involves sexual, illegal or violent acts), and share as much details as possible.

4.5 If you wish to get in touch with our  Grievance Officer, Chief Compliance Office or Nodal Contact please send all details to

5. Copyright Infringement.

5.1 JL respects the intellectual property of others, and also encourages our users to maintain the same attitude. 


5.2 If you share content on JL that does not belong to you, or for which you have not obtained permission, then you are likely in violation of others' intellectual property rights. 


5.3 Infringement includes the use of any third-party content in your content, derivative creation, or use of other people's copyright content to perform. We recommend that you assess whether your content complies with applicable intellectual property laws and applicable principles, such as fair use principles. 


5.4 Any unauthorized content you share on JL may be subject to removal by the rights owner from the Services, as this is a violation of our Terms of Use and Community Guidelines. 

Multiple violations may result in permanent suspension of your account. 


5.5 If you are a copyright owner or a copyright owner's agent and believe that any content infringes upon your copyrights, please report it to us immediately. In order to facilitate our investigation, in an email to, please submit the following information:


5.5.1 The written or electronic signature of a person authorized to act on behalf of the holder of an exclusive copyright that is allegedly infringed.


5.5.2 Identifying information of the copyrighted work(s) alleged to have been infringed.


5.5.3 Identifying information of the material that is allegedly infringing or is the subject of infringing activity and that is to be removed or access to which is to be disabled and information reasonably adequate to permit the service provider to locate the material, as follows: The name of the publication source (for example: JL) User name Stream title Stream date Stream time Stream URL (if any) Reasonably sufficient information to enable service personnel to contact you, such as address, telephone number, and email address.


5.5.4 A statement that you believe in good faith that use of the material in the manner alleged is not authorized by the copyright holder, their representative, or the law.


5.5.5 A statement that the information in the allegation is accurate, and under penalty of perjury, that you are authorized to act on behalf of the holder of the exclusive copyright that has allegedly been infringed.


5.6 Infringements on JL assets are prohibited, including its trademark, services, content, data, and servers.