JL Stream is devoted to leading in-mobile & online safety. Focusing on the protection and the safety of the users is of utmost importance. The team has vowed to continuously update and upgrade the best-in-class safety practices by committing themselves to high standards & adhering to industry-leading practices.

JL Stream has ensured top safety practices and focused improvements in the product:

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J L Stream’s Safety Tools:


Reasons for Ban / Removal


Excellent Content Moderation Standards

J L Stream ensures constant and proactive 24/7 high standard content moderation to ensure safety of all streamers especially female streamers. They closely monitor and remove and/or ban offensive and inappropriate content.

Proactive Monitoring

J L Stream has incorporated machine learning tools and human content moderation to make sure every content and streamer is scanned and checked for violation against their content moderation standards.

Team Focused on User Safety

J L Stream’s content moderation team is highly skilled, constantly growing and has user safety as its main focus.

Quick & Efficient Abuse Reporting & Escalation System

J L Stream has set-up a fast and smooth escalation process and the option of reporting abuse and/or reporting a user.

Latest Technology to Remove Abusive Videos, Photos, & Text

J L Stream uses the latest technology to remove abusive, inappropriate & offensive content and streamers through collaboration with different partners and internal tools.  Women’s safety and comfort is taken very seriously & any profanity is sure to be taken down as soon as possible.

24/7 high standard and focused content moderation team

Set up latest technology & machine learning algorithms

Set up a ‘Report Abuse’ option as seen in any major live streaming app

Continuous reminders of content standards to broadcasters as they go live

Implementation of a transparent Content & Conduct Policy.

Religious content

Sexual Content

Hate Speech, Harassment, Abuse or Violence

Alcohol / Drugs



To know more, please check our full Content & Conduct Policy.